RocksBox: The Sephora of fashion jewelry.

Walking into a Sephora store, customers are free to explore all different beauty brands. They can apply Nars blush, sift through Buxom's lip gloss colors or paint on Urban Decay eye shadows. It's all about experimentation, and that got Meaghan Rose thinking.

Rose was working for McKinsey & Company at the time, putting together a launch plan for a client's new beauty collection when she realized Sephora's influence on beauty brands.

"What struck me is how important Sephora was for the launch of a new product in the beauty space," Rose, now the CEO of jewelry company Rocksbox, said in an interview with Bizwomen. "How valuable they were as a retailer. Even for a big beauty brand, you had to have Sephora because it's a discovery channel."

Rose was dedicating long nights to the new product launch when it hit her — why work until 2 a.m. on someone else's creation?

"I guess I just felt like I was ready to pursue something my heart was really in," Rose said.

Rose has always loved jewelry. She sees it as a fun way to express your own style because "no matter how you're feeling, jewelry always fits," she explained. So she set out to create a subscription-based service that charges customers $19 a month to borrow three pieces of jewelry, based on the user's personalized style.

Rose knew that fashion jewelry is a fragmented industry (with thousands of designers on the market), and all of those designers are looking for ways to get brand exposure.

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Hilary Burns
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May 10th, 2015