15 Top Trending Real Estate Markets for 2018

Top US Markets 2018

The real estate market is heating up. Of course, some markets are hotter than others and have been seeing sales surge in recent months.

Plenty of metropolitan areas in North America are reaching new heights in property sales and are on the verge of popping before your very eyes. Below, 15 members of Forbes Real Estate Council share what cities are currently worth considering for a real estate investment.

1. Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles used to be unsafe, but in the past three years, the city has taken huge steps to make it safer. There are guards patrolling the streets on bicycles. With the Olympics coming to Los Angeles in 2028, tech companies moving to LA because of price rise in the Bay Area and shortage of space in other parts of LA, the gentrification of DTLA is inevitable. - Nikhil Choudhary, Zenith Engineers Inc

2. Austin, Texas

Austin has a relative low cost of living, educated workforce and enviable quality of life. With over 2 million residents and people flocking, Austin has a critical mass to withstand the test of time and, along with it, some serious mojo. Commercial real estate is on fire. Those who allow extra time for approvals, and room for property taxes, should be well positioned for the future. - Stephen Clark, Clark Investment Group

3. Houston And Dallas

Houston and Dallas are both seeing rental growth in B and C class product. However, available inventory of investment properties is limited at the moment — and that's all the more reason to have your alerts set and be on your local brokers’ mailing lists. - Caroline Kane, CKR Property Management, LLC

4. Miami

Foreign buyers have dropped $7.5 billion on homes in the U.S. costing over $1 million, with 40% of those purchases in Miami, Los Angeles, and Manhattan, according to The Real Deal. A whopping 25% of the total was in Miami, the reason being Miami's tax advantage and, most importantly, the price per square foot, which is substantially lower than average. I would advise considering South Florida. - Gabriel Souza, Ictus Group at Decorus Realty

5. Phoenix

We continue to find opportunities to acquire properties in the Southwest that are underperforming not due to location or the economy, but lack of engaged owners and managers. Arizona continues to attract new residents and companies seeking lower taxes and a friendlier business climate than in the Midwest or on the East and West Coasts. -Brion Crum, Caliber:The Wealth Development Company

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