A streetable Seeley G50 from NYC Norton

I’M SURE MOST FOLKS have a ‘lottery list’ of bikes they’d put in their garage if they won big. And on my own mental list I have a restomod Commando from NYC Norton.

That might have to change though, because this Seeley G50 is even better. Kenny Cummings built it for the Custom Revolution exhibition at LA’s incredible Petersen Museum, and although it’s powered by a short-stroke replica Matchless Grand Prix motor, it’ll be made street-legal when the exhibition has run its course.

“With all the publicity around the Petersen show, I really wanted to submit a street bike,” says Kenny. “NYC Norton is well known in racing circles but the race market is relatively tiny.”

The story behind this G50 starts five years ago, when Kenny raced a 500cc Seeley Matchless G50 at Cadwell Park in the UK. He was impressed by the bike, despite being already familiar with the Titchmarsh Seeley MK2 chassis. (Kenny has won four American National 750cc Championships on his own Seeley 750 Commando.)

“The G50 was tight and very precise,” Kenny recalls. “But what completely blew me away was how much lighter and more nimble the little 500 was, compared to the 750—particularly in the tight stuff.”

“The torque and power curve was wonderful! It felt like a trout swimming upstream, effortless against the current.”

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Ryan Handt
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April 13th, 2018