The Secrets Of Working With The Super-Affluent.
For over 15yrs, Neal Oates Jr. has spent his days and nights cultivating the most relationships in Real Estate. From CEOs & Int'l Business magnates to Board Members & Industry Leaders.

For the first time ever, he is pealing the curtains back to reveal how he gets the super-wealthy to trust them with their most important investments... their homes.
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1 Day - Full Office Overhaul
Rebuild from the group up and build the systems that guarantee success based on your daily activities.

You wont believe what we can accomplish in less than 12hrs. Never again allow your cash flow be interrupted because of a delayed closing.
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Who is Neal Oates Jr?

International Broker/Owner

Keynote & Event Speaker

Affluent Spotlight Web Series Host


Neal Oates Jr. Presents

Beyond the Velvet Rope!

Understanding what it takes to excel in working with the Super-Affluent.


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Ice-Breakers for Affluent Prospects

Within every conversation in an opportunity to create a relationship.

We are constantly studying trends and economic factors that are important to our target audience so they know we understand their position and are not just "Out to close a deal."

Casual yet eclectic. Custom, name brand, designer gear from Neal's Bowtie & Beard Line.

Share the brand that experts recognize with our all new t-shirts and tank tops!

Wealth of knowledge!

Ice-breakers & topical talking points to get the conversation rolling.