RocksBox: The Sephora of fashion jewelry.

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Walking into a Sephora store, customers are free to explore all different beauty brands. They can apply Nars blush, sift through Buxom’s lip gloss colors or paint on Urban Decay eye shadows. It’s all about experimentation, and that got Meaghan Rose thinking. Rose was working for McKinsey & Company at the time, putting together a launch plan […]

All Terrain Vehicle Market Forecast

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Global All Terrain Vehicle (Utility ATV, Sports ATV & Youth ATV) Market, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2023 – Global all terrain vehicle market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% by 2023, on the back of increasing use of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) in agriculture, entertainment, forestry, defense and several other sectors. […]

A streetable Seeley G50 from NYC Norton

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I’M SURE MOST FOLKS have a ‘lottery list’ of bikes they’d put in their garage if they won big. And on my own mental list I have a restomod Commando from NYC Norton. That might have to change though, because this Seeley G50 is even better. Kenny Cummings built it for the Custom Revolution exhibition at LA’s incredible Petersen […]

Future Tech: Electric Yachts

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Hinckley Yachts Look To The Future With Their Elegant And Innovative Electric-Powered Boat As anyone who gets out on the water in the United States knows, Hinckley Yachts have built innovative yachts since the company was founded in Maine in 1928. But, the sexy “all-electric” 28-foot, 6-inch Dasher is unlike anything the company has ever built before. For Harvard (No. […]

Rehabbing From the Roof Down.

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Rehabbing can be a very profitable business or it can cost you your shirt. The two most expensive repairs can be a new roof and repairing the foundation, although rewiring an old fuse box can be spendy as well. Here we examine the costs and variables that go into replacing a roof and when it becomes […]

Hidden Profitability of Multi-Family Offices.

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Many Multi-Family Offices Can Be Much More Profitable In a study of 803 financial advisors, about 17% were multi-family offices. Slightly more than five percent of these financial advisors earned $1 million or greater. At the same time, the ultra-wealthy are attracted to the multi-family office model more so than other business models such as wealth […]